Comparing Densifiers

We sell different kinds of Densifier, each has their own characteristics and benefits. Use the table below to decide which one best suits your needs or feel free to call our technical team on 01204 523973 or email: info@adsealcolours.co.uk – we are here to help.

Traditional densifiersAdseal Nano Lithium
Traditional densifiersAdseal Nano Lithium
Description:A deep penetrating hardener with high lithium content for improved performance
Uses:As part of the process for polished concrete floorsAs part of the process for polished concrete floors offering deeper penetration and quicker, trouble free installation
Penetration: Chemical reaction3 – 4 mmDeeper penetration [4 – 6 mm] faster installation and reduced reaction time over traditional silica densifiers
Solids content:Industry standard 8%Supplied as concentrate 10% solids when dilute
Concrete ‘Rescue’:Binds loose, friable and porous mineral substrates whilst hardening structure and binding dust
Increased performance:Improves compressive strength and abrasion resistanceExceptional performance increasing compressive strength by as much as 25% and abrasion resistance by up to 2.5 times
Life expectancy:PermanentPermanent - penetration and ‘fixing’ by chemical reaction unlike conventional ‘coating’ sealers
Stability:Remains stable in volatile climactic conditions
Application issues:Requires agitation and surface ‘whiting’ can occurCan be sprayed, Does not require agitation. NO surface ‘whiting’ even with over application. Immediately reacts on application
Efflorescence:Can produce excess mineral saltsDoes not product mineral salts and will not contribute to sweating or efflorescence
Reactive sealer: