Nano Colour is a technologically advanced liquid concrete dye that adds gorgeous colour to the concrete substrate. The concentrated formula is a proprietary blend of dye solutions, not pigment dispersions, that penetrate deeply to create a durable, fast-drying colour with exceptional lightfastness.


The eco friendly product formula may be diluted with the Nano Densifiers, water or acetone to create a translucent finish for a variety of concrete surfaces (e.g. broom finish, troweled, etc.). Seal with compatible sealers.

While NanoSet Colour may be used as a penetrating colourant for a variety of porous substrates, it is commonly used in conjunction with the Nano Polishing System or other polishing systems. See instructions below and read the technical data sheet for more info.

Feature and Benefits
  • Excellent dye lightfastness (For Interior Use Only)
  • True dye colour solution; not a pigment dispersion
  • Liquid concentrate dissolves in less than minutes when compared to hours for powder dyes
  • Concentrated dye colours can be diluted up to 16:1 or as needed to achieve desired intensity
  • Dries very fast and is flash point compliant
  • Ultra low viscosity stain has no HAPs or TAPs
  • Concrete dye colours are eco-friendly, comply with all VOC regulations and are UV stable, especially when sealed with NanoSet Protector
  • Very easy to apply with standard equipment
  • Packaged in concentrate for cost-effective shipping and storage
  • Use as an alternative to “acid stain” or as an aid to fix troubled acid stain projects
  • Provides vibrant colour to polished concrete floor surface without any film build-up
  • Proprietary concrete dye formula includes penetrating aid to help infiltrate the concrete surface deeply
  • Includes UV blockers to improve resistance to UV damage
  • Colour formula is concentrated to minimize shipping costs; safe to ship by air​
  • Concrete dye colours are compatible and may be blended to create custom-specific colours
Available in 1 kilo and 5 kilo containers.
Covers approximately 12 – 18 sq. m. per diluted litre.