Deep penetrating hardener/sealer with high lithium content ideal for densifying and adding surface finish during grinding process or for an improved cure on newly laid concrete

A penetrating hardener, modified with 100% polymer resin with a special surfactant for fresh and old concrete. Creates a curing membrane for uniform hardening of fresh concrete. Has a CE MARKING

Adseal NANO-LITHIUM properties are deeper penetration, faster installation and reduced reaction times but also creates a curing membrane for even hardening of fresh concrete – cannot peel or flake.

Recommended for hard and tightly trowelled concrete .

Binds loose, friable and porous mineral substrates whilst hardening structure and binding dust.

  • Increases the compressive strength of the concrete by as much as 25%
  • Increases abrasion resistance about 2.5 times
  • Virtually all abrasion dust is eliminated
  • Excellent resistance to freeze thaw cycles
  • Greatly increased resistance to dirt, making cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Treated area can be polished if required
  • Treatment is permanent and protects underlying substrate from
  • detergents, motor oil, petrol, transmission fluid, solvents, de-icing and other common chemicals
  • Used on paving, floors and walls including: Concrete bridges, Tunnels, Walk-ways, Retaining walls, Hard-standings, Car-parks, Car washes, Harbours, Airports, Factories, Agricultural buildings, Parking decks, Driveways & paths, And other high traffic areas like Factory floors, Storage areas, Distribution depots, Warehouses, Workshops

Suitable for use on mineral substrates such as concrete, stone and plaster and can be coloured with Adseal NANO-Colour. Use also on lime paints to convert the surface into a hard, ceramic like, coating, which, after reaction, cannot peel, or flake.

Simple and cost effective to apply. Zero VOC, non-flammable, no odour and safe to use. For use both indoors and outdoors. This product has a CE marking

DOUBLE CONCENTRATED – dilute 1 : 1 with water yields 12% solids –higher than industry standard of 8%

Dilution rates
Very hard surfaces 1 : 2 water
Hard 1 : 1
Normal 1 : 0.5
Soft Neat

Faster cure rate accepts pedestrian traffic after 1-2 hours and light vehicles after 24 hours. The most suitable hardener for polished concrete. Recommended for hard, tightly trowelled concrete. This product has a CE marking

Application rate: Normal surface 6-8 m²/litre[depending on porosity] Power floated surface 10-15 m²/litre



Available in 5 litre & 20 litre containers

Application rate: Normal surface 6-8 m²/litre
 [depending on porosity] Power floated surface 10-12 m²/litre